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The Sonic Plus water treatment system is a proprietary, patent pending, portable standalone water treatment device that uses sonication technology to enhance water quality and reduce aquatic toxicity. This technology organically restores impacted water bodies and holds the potential of replacing the current practice of applying harmful chemical shock treatment to water. 


The Sonic Plus is a flow through device that recirculates water through the unit and discharges the treated water back into the soil, groundwater table or surface water body.  This technology can be used to restore the water quality in lakes, streams, and ground water aquifers.  During the past several years, the Sonic Plus has been demonstrated to reduce elevated levels of Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) in surface water, conserve irrigation water usage, increase crop production, enhance livestock hydration, produce more farm animal offspring, increase milk quantity and quality, and improve the overall health to livestock.

Our patent pending Sonic Plus technology has been proven in the agricultural industry.  Our initial agricultural application installed the Sonic Plus to a center pivot irrigator to conserve water usage. While this application was successful in conserving the amount of water pumped into the soil, we discovered the system also acted as a yield-enhancer for row crops. This system is now routinely used by many row crop farmers to cut their irrigation costs, while improving their crop yield per acre. 


The below picture tells the Sonic Plus story.  Clean water irrigation technology not only conserves water but enhances row crop yield to improve the bottom line for farmers.

Agricultural Irrigation

sonic plus water treatment

Two neighboring fields: the field in the foreground used the Sonic Plus technology on a center pivot irrigator, while the field in the background (north of the road) used a standard center pivot irrigator.  Note the improved health and growth rate of the crops by using Sonic Plus water enhancement.

This agricultural technology is not just limited to the row crop farmer.  Our technology has also been applied to livestock production.  For many years, people have looked for a more natural or organic method of livestock production.  Much of this organic movement has centered around the elimination of chemicals, additives and growth hormones to livestock and their food source.  However, the water or hydration of the animal has been the forgotten factor.  That is until now.  For three years, the Sonic Plus has been installed into the water delivery system at a local diary.  This system has provided a cleaner and more healthy water source for the dairy cows and the results are nothing short of astounding.  The dairy saw improved health in every measurable category, birth rate, growth rate and milk production, etc. The table and graph below depict how cleaner and healthier hydration of milk cows translates to greater profitability for the dairy. 

ME Milk Per Lactation
milk pounds hard average

Surface Water Treatment

For the past 5 years, we have been using the Sonic Plus water treatment system for the restoration of surface waters that are impaired with Cyanobacteria or blue-green algae as it is commonly referred to. The Sonic Plus treatment system is suspended in the water column, so water can be continuously pumped through the proprietary sonic tube to generate sound frequencies.  These sonic frequencies enhance the water’s natural physical properties and reacts as a catalyst throughout the water column to reduce toxic levels of blue-green algae.  


The Sonic Plus treatment system has demonstrated a significant reduction of blue-green algae in several popular recreation lakes, private ponds and decorative fountains.  In the Summer of 2016 and 2017, the Sonic Plus water treatment system was placed in operation at the outlet of Lake Crystal.  Below are the before and after photos of Minneopa Falls, which is approximately 12 miles downstream from the outlet of Lake Crystal.  Note, the reduction of blue-green algae and the improved water clarity of the Minnopea Falls during the Sonic Plus operation period.  

2016 Crystal Lake Recap and Minneopa Falls

Crystal Lake Picture

Historically Impaired Water, Minneopa Falls Pre-Sonic Plus Water Treatment System 2014 Lake Crystal Outlet

Impaired to fixed water

Restored Water Quality, Minneopa Falls  Post-Sonic Plus Water Treatment Project 2016-2017 in Lake Crystal Outlet

Today our surface water restoration work is expanding.  The implementation and application of this system continues to show positive results for multiple water quality parameters with direct evidence of suppression of cynobacteria levels and improvement in desired oxygen levels. The positive results of suppression of bacteria levels and improved oxygen levels also appears to effect: a reduction of invasive species, regeneration of native plants, increase in the population of desired game fish. Continued testing seems to confirm other water quality and environmental benefits from using this groundbreaking technology.   

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