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List of Environmental Services

24 HR emergency response

ET is a 24-Hour emergency provider that provides consulting response and contracting services for a wide range of incidents involving releases of petroleum, PCBs, VOCs, heavy metals and asbestos.  We routinely get called to mitigate releases at bulk fuel plants and terminals, gas stations, railroads, roadways, ditches and culverts, groundwater, potable water wells, lakes, rivers, wetlands, sewer systems, street vaults, greenspaces, industrial facilities, commercial buildings and homes.   

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Site investigation and Remediation

When a leak or spill has occurred and cleanup is necessary, we have remediation experience to select the appropriate site-specific cleanup technology.  For complex projects, we thoroughly evaluate site parameters and conduct feasibility studies to develop multiple remediation options based on technical and budgetary constraints. This allows you to select the remedial option to meets your needs. 

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Due Diligence on coastline

ET works with developers, attorneys, lenders and municipalities to facilitate property transactions and redevelopment of contaminated sites, including:

  • Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)

    • Phase I ESAs

    • Phase II ESAs

  • Brownfields Redevelopment

    • Clean Up Grant Assistance and Response Action Plans (RAPs)​

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Regulatory compliance EPA compliance

ET has developed a process for reviewing commercial and industrial facilities to better manage regulatory compliance issues.  The procedure involves an in-depth review and evaluation of current permits and compliance requirements and the development of a Compliance Management Program.  ET also provides compliance audits that allow facilities to check their working compliance program.  

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Environmental Construction Services

A unique advantage of selecting ET as a teammate to work on your environmental project is our Design Build expertise.  Our approach to contract projects is to provide a full turn-key service that performs both the contracting and consulting work simultaneously.  Our inhouse team, utilizes specialized remediation equipment operated by highly skilled and trained personnel.  

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Crane building demo, Industrial services

ET has an experienced industrial team of technicians that utilize specialized equipment to perform industrial cleaning, sludge removal, remedial system maintenance and waste disposal.  Our industrial team is fully OSHA trained and certified in hazwoper, confined space, respiratory protection, personal protective equipment and asbestos, so we can handle complex projects safely and efficiently. 

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Stream Restoration Construction
Wetland Consulting
Hazardous Regulated materials waste assessment

Extensive logging removed riparian trees throughout many watersheds, which has led to deteriorating streambanks, a discharge of sediment and impacts to the stream channel.  This continuous watershed instability negatively effects water temperature, sediment load and fish habitat.  ET utilizes a restoration approach called Natural Channel Design to restore critical stream parameters. ET’s Natural Channel Design approach includes the: 

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Wetland regulations have recently become an obstacle for many developers, realtors and property owners who want to build on their property.  Many of these parcels of property were not originally designated as wetlands when the property was originally purchased.  Due to the heightened importance of wetlands, many properties have been re-evaluated and are now listed as containing a considerable of wetlands and cannot be filled without a permit. The wetland services ET offers are:

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Before any commercial property can be redeveloped, including remodeling and/or demolition, State Law requires an Asbestos Inspection and Hazardous and Regulated Waste Assessment.  ET can perform these inspections / assessments and assist the developer in determining the cost to conduct asbestos abatement and property sorting and disposal of regulated wastes.

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waterfall Sonic Plus water Treatment system
COVID-19/ Coronavirus Disinfecting

The Sonic Plus is a portable standalone water treatment device that uses proven properties of sonication technology to enhance water quality and reduce aquatic toxicity. This technology restores unhealthy water bodies organically and holds the potential of replacing the current practice of using of harmful chemicals to treat and remediate water bodies where elevated blue green algae, fecal coliform or E. coli bacteria levels exist.  

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Employers have been shut down for several months during the COVID-19 pandemic.  As the economy starts to reopen and the second wave of infections are predicted, business sanitation to keep employees and customers safe is of paramount importance to all employers.  To help business through these COVID-19 issues, Environmental Troubleshooters, Inc. (ET) is available to provide COVID-19 response services.  

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