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Covid 19

COVID-19/Coronavirus Disinfecting

Employers have been shut down for several months during the COVID-19 pandemic.  As the economy starts to reopen and the second wave of infections are predicted, business sanitation to keep employees and customers safe is of paramount importance to all employers.  To help business through these COVID-19 issues, Environmental Troubleshooters, Inc. (ET) is available to provide COVID-19 response services.  


COVID-19 Services

  • Response to COVID-19 outbreaks. 

  • Disinfecting contaminated facilities.

  • Develop site-specific cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitation plans.

  • Provide OSHA Compliant Infectious Agent, Respiratory Protection and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) written plans.

  • Perform Inhouse OSHA Employee Training for COVID-19 Infectious Agents, Hazard Communication/Employee Right to Know, Respiratory Protection and PPE. 


Disinfecting and Surface Cleaning

For over two decades, ET has provided fungus and bacteria remediation services.  To address the current COVID-19 pandemic, ET has now implemented new safety measures, established virus specific cleanup procedures and expanded our line of disinfectant equipment.

During a COVID-19 response ET will provide: 

  • Trained personnel equipped with Tyvek suits, gloves and respirators.  We have qualified staff that has been trained in various disinfecting techniques and will wear personal protective equipment that exceeds CDC recommendations.

  • Disinfecting equipment.  For largescale projects, ET typically uses industrial sprayers to fog and mist down horizontal and vertical surfaces.  For small-scale projects, ET uses hand-held foggers to disinfect a specific area, equipment or structure more discretely.

  • Use of CDC and EPA disinfectants.  ET uses a specialized ozone-based disinfectant that is CDC and EPA recommended and a less toxic alternative to the standard bleach or ammonia-based disinfectants that are traditionally used.  Our disinfectant does not leave an odor, fade furnishings or damage building surfaces.

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